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  The Love Foundation 7.8 was born in BocaValdivia and Tanusas on April 16, 2016 in response to a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that devastated the northern coast of Ecuador. We are a non-profit Ecuadorian organization legally registered in the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion on September 14, 2016.

 The philosophy with which the 7.8 love foundation was established is to provide humanitarian aid to vulnerable people, to be a contribution to local education as well as the conservation of our natural and cultural resources.

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Through several strategic alliances and the creation of an executive team we provided timely solutions, and very important agreements were reached with companies such as Banco del Pichincha and Waves For Water, among other companies and people who support the foundation. Our goal is to donate 1,000 liters per day of pure water to 1,000 educational units in Manabí and Esmeraldas ensuring the wellbeing of our people and less plastic bottles on our beach.



This porject is based on as a community tool for the next 100 years where the goal and philosophy is to provide an education for life without discrimination of age, gender or previous bases. This is simply a place with the best infrastructure to teach.

 The seed project is on paper and ready for execution, we have acquired a property of 20,000 m2 two kilometers from the hotel where the project will be carried out.


The love foundation 7.8 has realized:

  • More than 50 helicopter landings distributing humanitarian aid such as medicines, hospital beds, wheelchairs, food and baby care items, water filters and clothing in isolated areas.


  • Around 800 trips by land distributing aid to victims.


  • We support two local schools, we have installed cistern with pump equipment, fixed new bathrooms, reforestation, safe drinking water, remodeling, and initial classroom equipment, donation of 1,000 books, sustainability and health workshops.

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  • Rescue of animals; the animal rescue program is under development, however we have rescued more than 80 animals of several species, mostly sea turtles and birds, which have been taken to rescue centers in nearby national parks, being an important logistic support and considerably reducing the mortality rate of the species found


  • The Safe Water for All program is progressing successfully. We have installed the safe water system in 8 schools in the area, which allows schools to avoid an expense of $ 6,000 each year in water drums, in addition the system guarantees 2,000 portions of water per day, 4 million portions per year per school, with that we avoid the disposal of 4 million plastic bottles per year. These figures represent only one school of 2,000 Picoaza boys and girls.